Towards a new project’s culture

Conference of the «Performing Cultural Heritage in the Digital Present» program, at DRHA 2023

Conference of the «Performing Cultural Heritage in the Digital Present» program, at DRHA 2023.


The context of the digital image and, above all, a deeper reflection on the ontology of the digital universe is a field that would require a more in-depth analysis, so here only some considerations are pointed out about the different forms of appearance and use of the digital image within the perspectiveof «extended reality», from augmented to virtual reality, thinking about the possibilities that are being created for the entire field of audiovisual arts. In this case we focus on reflecting on what we consider «participation» in different projects.

Our interest – inter esse (what is between or relates to several people) – has shifted towards this interdisciplinarity as the main way to develop creative and innovative projects, becoming a propaedeutic attitude from which to face complex projects. Indeed, his approach already in sociologists like Louis Wirtz appears as a response precisely to the complexity of the world, which is now also going through a deep computational turn.

The current general scenario for any activity takes place in an atmosphere of infinite metamorphosis. Suffering it or understanding it as an opportunity is up to us. Therefore, in this context, the project’s culture recognizes that it is not possible to speak of “innovation” (discovery + application) without associating it with “collaboration”, when planning the future scope of creation.

In this context, the “co-design” between professionals and amateur agents creates a new “culture of participation”, typical of the postindustrial world, which thinks of innovation from an overlap of networks, connection nodes that speak of a decentralized and mobile reality. Therefore, to the interdisciplinary logic claimed, we must add the active involvement of all the subjects involved in any project.  We therefore need new languages for new experiences that allow us to consider ethically, politically and communicatively the new global context, thus rewriting the constellations of interests of the consolidated systems. An interesting field of experimentation then opens up where local and global realities meet at open intersections, a novum still to be explored.

In the second part, various case studies are presented to understand the implications of a truly participatory and horizontal project’s culture as an engine of innovation:

And finally, the first premises of the ongoing research project «Forms of culture» are shown, within «Connective tissues” (Tejidos conjuntivos) in the MNCARS, to propose disorientation strategies, which serve to dismantle models dominated by an ideology, and in short the need to create new orientation systems to describe other cartographies not of places, but of relationships.

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Título del congreso: Performing Cultural Heritage in the Digital Present
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Towards a new project’s culture for immersive and participatory projects
 Pedro Medina
Lugar: Complesso Aldo Moro. Università degli Studi di Torino. Via Sant’Ottavio 18, 10124, Torino (Italia)
Fecha: 12/09/2023
Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts